• Connector supplies a wild range of high temperature, high performance QPL approved MIL-C-17 coax cables application the material

    Teflon (PTFE or FEP) has been adopt for its jacket and dielectric to comply with the best performance. The RG cable with PE dielectric and PVC jacket gives the cable more flexibility and lower cost to match all kinds of market demanding.

    • Center Conductor - solid or stranded

      bare copper. BC silver-plated copper, SPC silver-plated copper-clad steel, SCCS tin-plated copper. TPC
    • Di-electric solid

      fluorinated cthylene propylene, FEP irradiated polyethylene, PE irrad. polyethylene, PE ploytetrafluoroethylene poly - urethane, PTFE
    • Outer conductor - single or double braid (2)

      bare copper. BC silver-plated copper. SPC silver-plated copper-clad steel. SCCS tin-plated copper. TPC
    • Jacket- extruded or tupe wrap

      fluorinated ethylenc propylenc, FEP polyvinyl chloride, PVC polytetrafluorocthylenc ploy-urethane,PTFE
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